Not to forget Bosnian

A small school – a place to meet, socialize, play, and acquire knowledge

A small Bosnian language school is conceived as a place where children from all over the world are born from Bosnia and Herzegovina and visit the mother tongue of Bosnian mother tongue in order to maintain a link with the homeland of Bosnia and Herzegovina and establish relationships with peers in the country and across Europe and the world.

Given the fact that knowledge of mother tongue is key to preserving national identity, organizing a Bosnian language school would be to maintain links with generations that will, forever, lose for Bosnia and Herzegovina if they forget or do not learn Bosnian. Thus, by organizing such schools there would be hope that, if they know the mother tongue, one day they will be able to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina and build their future there.

Except for the children of immigrants or the BiH diaspora, the doors of a small Bosnian language school are open to aliens living and working in Bosnia and Herzegovina and their children to help them become as equal members of the community as possible.

Our place in our school can also be found by those who need small professional assistance within a regular Bosnian language teaching.